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The Quizmaster Presents . . . Movie Frankenstein

Frankenstein's Monsterby Dave Umbricht

How does one spell evil laughter?  Is it muhahahaha? Muahahahahaaaha?  Cue Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor.

After months of linking together actors and actresses, it is time for a new adventure.  Each week we will play a new game (and will replay your favorites – please give feedback when you particularly like or loathe something).

Some of the games will be trivia.  Others will require your creativity.  This is not a contest, just for fun.  So feel free to play any week you feel.  Give your answers in the comment section below, so we can all see.  Usually, there won’t be one correct answer.  So no winning or losing, just put your answer out there.

What shall we play first?

Since I’ve spent my week in the evil lair preparing this treat, let’s play MOVIE FRANKENSTEIN.  How do you play?  Just like the good Dr. cobbled together a bunch of body parts to create the perfect being (or at least a being), we’ll link together different movie elements to create a perfect film.

For example:

Create the perfect Romantic Comedy  —

— actress Julia Roberts, actor Cary Grant, sidekick/best friend Cher, jerk ex-boyfriend Clark Gable, directed by Quentin Tarantino (because he always tries to make the perfect version  of every genre). 

— The plot will revolve around a princess who runs away from her wedding to move to New York City to become a newspaper reporter.  Her plucky can do spirit lands her a job at a failing third rate tabloid that is about to be closed down by a Rupert Murdochesque tyrant (Malcolm McDowell).  She turns the paper around by writing a gossip column about the Manhattan socialites (finding angles to stories that she notices thanks to her royal lineage).  Soon a rival columnist is onto her.  Hilarity, misunderstandings, and sparks fly.

You get the picture.  Piece together stars from different eras, the perfect directors, plot points, screenwriters, cinematographers, whatever you feel.  Have fun with it.

However, you will not be building a RomCom.  Instead, build us an 80’s Teen Comedy.

Comment below and let’s have fun.

Back to the lair to concoct next week’s game.

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Dave Umbricht is a self proclaimed "guy who knows a couple of things". However, he has never claimed to know them well. Genetically predisposed to love movies, at age ten he felt really cool being the only fourth grader who knew of the film "My Dinner with Andre", thanks to Siskel & Ebert. For the next twenty years he pretended to have seen the movie until he finally watched it at age 28 and understood what all the fuss was about. He attempted to watch all of the films on Ebert's Great Movies list by age 40. He failed.

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