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Peter’s Retro Reviews: 48 HRS. (1982)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen Ladies and gentlemen, this week I thought it would be fun to take a look at one of the first ”buddy cop movies”… one of the most successful ones… and certainly one of the best of the lot! It also happens to be the feature film debut of a gentleman named Eddie Murphy! Yes… I am,…


Peter’s Retro Movie Review: Extreme Prejudice (1987)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen At the start of the movie we see a plane landing! Along with the rest of the passengers, Major Paul Hackett emerges. He’s played by an actor I’ve always liked, namely Michael Ironside from Top Gun and Total Recall for instance. What then follows is an assembly of a highly trained army unit, a “zombie unit”…


Retro Movie Review: Streets of Fire (1984)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen We all have movies we watch over and over again, right? The ones where we know every damn line by heart? In most cases the movies we do treat like this, are not your typical academy award winners, but the ones that fall more under the forgotten flicks category. Am I right in that assumption? I’d…