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Tag: Transylvania

Peter’s Retro Reviews: The Fearless Vampire Killers aka Dance of the Vampires (1967)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen “That night, penetrating deep into the heart of Transylvania, Professor Abronsius was un-aware that he was on the point of reaching the goal of his mysterious investigations. In the course of which he had journeyed throughout Central Europe for many years accompanied by his one and only faithful disciple, Alfred. A scholar and scientist whose genius…


Peter’s Retro Reviews: Love At First Bite (1979)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen You can almost taste it, can’t you? That slight change of weather? There’s a chill in the wind and you can actually smell the seasons changing… Yes, boils and ghouls, fall is here, and I love it! Don’t get me wrong, because I like all the seasons… spring, where everything comes to life again. And the…