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Peter’s Retro Review: Legend (1985)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen ”I am the Lord of Darkness. I require the solace of the shadows and the dark of the night. Sunshine is my destroyer. All this shall change! Tonight, the sun sets forever. There shall never be another dawn…” Welcome to a magical place filled with fairies, elves and unicorns, but also with goblins, sea-witches and demon…


Peter’s Retro Movie Review: Top Gun (1986)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen This week, ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, I hope you’ll follow me ”up there with the Best of the Best”. That’s right! I’m taking a look at the classic 80’s movie Top Gun and I’m sure some of you are right now thinking: “What? Top Gun? A forgotten flick?” I would argue that, yes… yes…


Top 5 Terrible Movie Accents

Tweet by Maggie Kruger Because I am a wuss and was too chicken to actually phone in with my feedback, anyone who listened to the Forgotten Flix Labyrinth Podcast now thinks I talk like some kind of simpleton. Thanks for that, Joel. I hope you’ve framed your diploma from the Don Cheadle School of Accents and hung it somewhere prominent.…