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Peter’s Retro Reviews: Scared To Death (1981)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen ”If you’re frightened by the unknown… wait until you face reality!” Scared To Death is a movie I’ve always been aware of, but for some reason never got round to watching back in the day! One of the reasons it’s stuck with me over the years, is the cover art on the VHS tape, of which…


The First Ever Forgotten Flix Podcast Promo

Tweet by Joel G. Robertson Well, you asked for it, so now we’re giving it to you… That’s right, it’s the first ever Forgotten Flix Podcast promo! Okay, so maybe you didn’t ask for it, but this is the holiday season, so Jason and I thought we’d give back to our listeners and podcasters the world over. How you ask?…


Coming Soon to The Forgotten Flix Podcast: Labyrinth (1986)

Tweet by Joel G. Robertson NOTE: It’s the last week (voting ends on 10/27), so be sure to go to and vote for The Forgotten Flix Podcast in the Best Movies/Film Podcast category. It’s time for your weekly sneak peek at what’s coming up soon on The Forgotten Flix Podcast. Our next movie is: Labyrinth! And you have until 10/24…


Ep. 037.5 – TFFP: Bonus Episode 001

Tweet by Joel G. Robertson So, you’re just sitting there, minding your own business when you see it. What the hell?!? Is that a new Forgotten Flix episode downloading to my preferred mp3 listening device of choice? And the answer, my fallow fiends, is yes! For the month of October, as part of our 2011 October Spooky Flix Fest, and…