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Sam Haynes – The Incredible Dark Carnival

Tweet by Peter Nielsen “The carnival grounds are empty now…and the shrill piping voice of the calliope… still! The performers, in their trailers, are speaking in hushed tones, because something happened here tonight. Something that was so bizarre… that even the normally superstitious carny folks, found it almost impossible to believe!” Share


Sam Haynes – Ghost Stories

Tweet by Peter Nielsen Do you remember last Halloween when we were in the midst of October Spooky Flix Fest 2013, I did a review for an album by Sam Haynes called Welcome to the Horror Show? Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s now time for another one! While it’s not yet Halloween, the new album is called Ghost Stories and…


Sam Haynes – Welcome to the Horror Show: Haunt Music for Halloween

Tweet by Peter Nielsen Those of you who know me, or are long-time listeners to the Forgotten Flix Podcast, know I like to go for long walks. Preferably at night! I usually listen to different podcasts during these walks, but I do occasionally listen to music too. Most often it’s nothing upbeat or anything like what many people listen to…