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Peter’s Retro Reviews: Octaman (1971)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen I decided to stay in the 70’s a bit longer, because I wanted to re-visit this classic gem from 1971. I use the terms “classic” and “gem” very, very loosely because, well… oh, boy, where do I start with this one? I suppose we have to go way back to my early teens, because Michael and…


Deep-Fried Cheese Movie Review: Bigfoot (2012)

Tweet By Jason D. Grooms There are scant few creatures that speak louder or bigger to the American fascination with monster lore than the super-hairy, unkempt, woods-tromping, barefooted beast we all know and love.  No, I don’t mean me.  I’m talking about the one and only Sasquatch or as you common folk might refer to him, Bigfoot. OK, I admit…