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Peter’s Retro Reviews: Love At First Bite (1979)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen You can almost taste it, can’t you? That slight change of weather? There’s a chill in the wind and you can actually smell the seasons changing… Yes, boils and ghouls, fall is here, and I love it! Don’t get me wrong, because I like all the seasons… spring, where everything comes to life again. And the…


Peter’s Retro Movie Reviews: Westworld (1973)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen ”Hi. Ed Ramsey from Delos. If there’s anyone who doesn’t know what Delos is, well, as we’ve always said: Delos is the vacation of the future, today. At Delos, you get your choice of the vacation you want. There’s Medieval World, Roman World and, of course, Westworld.” Wouldn’t you want to have the vacation of your…