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Forgotten Flix Podcast Update: 1/23/2012

Tweet by Joel G. Robertson It’s your weekly update for the Forgotten Flix podcast! Each week we’ll send you a reminder about the movie we’re talking about next, before we record. Now, you can call in to our voice mail feedback line @ 206.203.0491 with any thoughts, opinions, or rants you may have about our featured film. And be sure…


Forgotten Flix Weekly Update and Movie Trivia: 01/16/2012

Tweet by Joel G. Robertson We had several great answers to last week’s movie-related question: What’s your favorite multi-genre movie? Mags and Peter both picked From Dusk to Dawn. They both had different reasons… I assume. Also, Shannon suggested Weirdsville (a movie even I hadn’t heard of and had to look up), and Jay recommended one of my personal faves,…


The First Ever Forgotten Flix Podcast Promo

Tweet by Joel G. Robertson Well, you asked for it, so now we’re giving it to you… That’s right, it’s the first ever Forgotten Flix Podcast promo! Okay, so maybe you didn’t ask for it, but this is the holiday season, so Jason and I thought we’d give back to our listeners and podcasters the world over. How you ask?…