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Forgotten Flix Weekly Update and Movie Trivia: 01/16/2012

Tweet by Joel G. Robertson We had several great answers to last week’s movie-related question: What’s your favorite multi-genre movie? Mags and Peter both picked From Dusk to Dawn. They both had different reasons… I assume. Also, Shannon suggested Weirdsville (a movie even I hadn’t heard of and had to look up), and Jay recommended one of my personal faves,…


Forgotten Flix Weekly Update and Movie Trivia: 01/09/2012

Tweet by Joel G. Robertson The answer to last week’s movie trivia was John Carradine. The legendary actor and father of actors David and Robert. Thanks to everyone who played and congrats to Peter for getting it right! Oh, and if you don’t know why the quote was ironic, just look up how John’s eldest left this mortal coil. This…


Forgotten Flix Weekly Update and Movie Trivia: 1/02/2012

Tweet by Joel G. Robertson With the start of a new year, I thought I’d change things up a bit. So, the “Coming Soon” posts are now a weekly update letting you know what movie we’ll discuss in our next recording (so you have a week to watch it and call in!). Also, you’ll get a reminder about the movie…


The Quizmaster Presents . . . Say What?

Tweet by Dave Umbricht (A.K.A. The Quizmaster) Movie fans (a polite euphemism for movie geek) possess their own unique trivia wheelhouses.  Mine?  I have always had a pretty good knack for knowing the year a movie was released (although, like most trivial knowledge, this skill has been rendered irrelevant with the advent of IMDB). One trivia niche I have always…