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Peter’s Retro Movie Review: Firewalker (1986)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen Firewalker starts with the two adventurers Max and Leo roaring over the desert-dunes in their jeep. They’re chased by, what appears to be drunken local pirates in dune buggies shooting wildly at them. When they also start throwing grenades, things get kind of frantic. Leo keeps telling Max to turn left, and Max in turn states that…


Peter’s Retro Movies Review: Flash Gordon (1980)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen Earthquakes, tornadoes, vulcanic eruptions, red-hot hail? The Earth is struck by one disaster after another and no-one seems to know why. No-one except Dr. Hans Zarkov that is! The slightly mad and obsessive scientist, who claims that Earth is under attack from an alien force. Unfortunately for Earth, he’s absolutely correct in that assumption. When things…