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Peter’s Retro Reviews: Flashpoint (1984)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen ”A wrecked jeep… a skeleton… a rifle… 800,000 dollars in cash.” Flashpoint was released in Sweden in 1985 and I know my friend, Michael, and I rented it at one point. But I remember next to nothing about it.  So, I went into this movie with no preconceived notions at all, other than a hope that…


Peter’s Retro Reviews: Convoy (1978)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen C.W. McCall released the song ”Convoy” in 1975 and it became an instant hit on the country charts and actually on a couple of charts around the world too. It also helped boost the popularity of CB radio. Great song by the way… The movie Convoy which was directed by Sam Peckinpah (Straw Dogs, Pat Garrett…