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Peter’s Retro Reviews: The Midnight Hour (1985)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen So, here we are! We’ve now reached the fifth and final week in this year’s October Spooky Flix Fest and I hope you’ve enjoyed our company this time too. Maybe you’re even curious to check out one or two of the movies we’ve talked about these past couple of weeks. If so, why not come back…


Top 10 80s Horror Movies

Tweet By: GregMo Roberts Editor’s Note: In our final installment of the Spooky Flix Fest Top 10 series we asked Greg Roberts from to write up his favorite horror movies of the 80s.  Take a look at the list and let us know what you think! Having been born in the (gulp) 60’s, I have had the privilege of experiencing films…


Top 10 Slasher Movies of the ‘80s – Part 2

Tweet by Jason Pyles (aka “Jay of the Dead”) Editor’s Note:  For this installment of Forgotten Flix’s Top 10 we’ve asked horror guru and podcasting journeyman Jason Pyles to give us the Top 10 Slasher Films of the 80s.  We loved Jay’s article.  In fact we loved it so much we couldn’t cut anything out, so broke it into two posts.  This…


When I Grow Up I’m Going to be a Vampire

Tweet by Kimster With Halloween coming up, I guess it only makes sense that I have vampires on my zombie-free brain. As I was eating my lunch today, I realized that vampires and chips are very much alike in that you can’t have just one. For decades the lore of vampires in film has varied and changed so dramatically from…


How to Throw an Awesome Halloween Movie-Themed Party, Part 4: This Time It’s Personal!

Tweet by Maggie Kruger So less than a week to go and your movie-themed Halloween party is shaping up to be a bit special! You’ve planned the décor, you’ve rented/hired/made the finest costume known to zombie, ghoul or ghost, and you just can’t wait to tuck into that brain pate. There’s just one thing more you need… Every great Halloween…


How To Throw An Awesome Movie Halloween Party, Part 3: Spooky Food and Drinks!

Tweet by Maggie Kruger What’s that you say? “Food’s not spooky, Mags, you daft baggage! Food’s lovely!” All I can say is “How are those maggots, Michael?” The census taker, her liver, some fava beans and a nice Chianti. Texas Chainsaw Massacre Are you with me yet? OK, I’m not suggesting you go out and do anything rash with a power…


How to Throw an Awesome Halloween Movie Party, Part 2: Decorations

Tweet by Maggie Kruger They’re (almost) HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! OK, we’ve still got a couple of weeks to go but it’s time to get back to planning your awesome Halloween Movie party – this week: decorations and games!  1.       Pumpkins  (“Maybe that last daiquiri was a mistake…”) The first thing that springs to my mind when I think of Halloween is the…


How to Throw an Awesome Halloween Party – Part 1: Movie-Themed Costume Ideas

Tweet by Maggie Kruger I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Joel’s a little excited about Halloween. And why not?  It’s easily the coolest excuse for a party there is – everyone gets dressed up, you can get freaky with the décor, with the food, and let’s face it – the best movies are scary movies! With that in mind,…