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Peter’s Retro Rewind: The Uninvited (1944)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen [Editor’s Note: Special thanks and congratulations to Peter for contributing his 100th movie review to Forgotten Flix!] ”They call them the haunted shores, these stretches of Devonshire and Cornwall and Ireland, which rear up against the westward ocean. Mists gather here… and sea fog… and eerie stories… That’s not because there are more ghosts here than…

Peter’s Retro Reviews: Lady in White (1988)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen ”The year is 1962. The place is Willowpoint Falls. Nobody talks about what happened in the school cloakroom 10 years ago. Now, in the dead of night, Frankie Scarlatti is going to find out.” It’s confession-time again! Prior to watching Lady in White for this review, I hadn’t seen it before! Why? I don’t know! I’ve…