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Peter’s Retro Movie Review: Remo Williams – The Adventure Begins (1985)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen This week’s movie-choice is based on a very successful series of books, “The Destroyer”-series, written by Warren Murphy and Richard Ben Sapir.  There are well over a hundred of them published so far and I actually haven’t read any of them. Bits and pieces from some of them sure, but never one in its entirety. Maybe…


Peter’s Retro Movie Review: Uncommon Valor (1983)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen Vietnam, 1972. Soldiers are running through water-soaked fields desperately trying to escape the enemy-fire ripping them apart. Helicopters swoop in as saving angels, but they too get caught in the crossfire. Those few that make it onboard try in vain to reach their comrades, but as the enemy-fire grows too intense the helicopters have to abort.…


Peter’s Retro Movie Review: Timerider (1982)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen Let’s go back in time, shall we? (Pun intended!) Let’s go waaayy back in time. I must have been 15-years-old, maybe 16, and my best friend Michael and I had just rented Timerider. I’ve stated this before, but we DID rent a LOT of movies back then and this one would have been right up our…