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Peter’s Retro Reviews: The Final Countdown (1980)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen ”On December 7, 1980, the nuclear carrier, U.S.S. Nimitz disappeared in the Pacific… and reappeared December 7, 1941… The day the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor!” This week I thought we’d take a look at yet another time travel movie involving a military vessel… if you remember, we’ve already covered “The Philadelphia Experiment” on both the podcast…


Peter’s Retro Reviews: The Running Man (1987)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen Damon Killian: “This is television, that’s all it is! It has nothing to do with people; it’s to do with ratings! For fifty years we’ve told them what to eat, what to drink, what to wear… For Christ’s sake, Ben, don’t you understand? Americans love television! They wean their kids on it! Listen… they love game-shows,…


Peter’s Retro Movies Review: Flash Gordon (1980)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen Earthquakes, tornadoes, vulcanic eruptions, red-hot hail? The Earth is struck by one disaster after another and no-one seems to know why. No-one except Dr. Hans Zarkov that is! The slightly mad and obsessive scientist, who claims that Earth is under attack from an alien force. Unfortunately for Earth, he’s absolutely correct in that assumption. When things…


Peter’s Retro Reviews: The Last Starfighter (1984)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen Meet Alex Rogan! He lives in a trailer-park that his mother is managing. Everybody knows everybody and life kind of just happens at a leisurely pace. Alex feels like he’s stuck in a circle without getting anywhere. Many times when he has plans with his friends and his girlfriend Maggie, he has to do chores instead.…