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Tag: 80’s horror

Peter’s Retro Reviews: Scared To Death (1981)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen ”If you’re frightened by the unknown… wait until you face reality!” Scared To Death is a movie I’ve always been aware of, but for some reason never got round to watching back in the day! One of the reasons it’s stuck with me over the years, is the cover art on the VHS tape, of which…


Peter’s Retro Reviews: Alligator (1980)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen We haven’t done a giant-animal-on-a-rampage-creature-feature type of flick for a while, have we, so I guess it’s about time we visit that particular genre again. There have been plenty of bad ones made over the years and I’m sure we’ll get to some of those later on down the line, but this week I thought we’d…


Peter’s Retro Reviews: Scanners (1981)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen ”There are 4 billion people on earth. 237 are Scanners. They have the most terrifying powers ever created…and they are winning.” The other week, I was talking older movies with a good friend of mine, and what a shame it was that they didn’t show more of them on TV. At least not on any of…


Peter’s Retro Rewind: The Company of Wolves (1984)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen ”Little girls, this seems to say, never stop upon your way. Never trust a stranger, friend. No-one knows how it will end. As you’re pretty, so be wise! Wolves may lurk in every guise. Now, as then, ‘tis simple truth… sweetest tongue has sharpest tooth.” This particular passage is the moral/warning from “Le Petit Chaperon Rouge”,…


Peter’s Retro Movie Review: The Burning (1981)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen ”There used to be a camp not far from here, just across the lake. It was called Camp Blackfoot. No one goes there anymore. Everything burnt down. This camp had a caretaker, and his name was Cropsy. Now, this Cropsy was a drunkard… a sadist, and he got real pleasure out of hurting… scaring. And he…