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Tag: 70’s horror movies

Peter’s Retro Reviews: Octaman (1971)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen I decided to stay in the 70’s a bit longer, because I wanted to re-visit this classic gem from 1971. I use the terms “classic” and “gem” very, very loosely because, well… oh, boy, where do I start with this one? I suppose we have to go way back to my early teens, because Michael and…


Sam Haynes – Ghost Stories

Tweet by Peter Nielsen Do you remember last Halloween when we were in the midst of October Spooky Flix Fest 2013, I did a review for an album by Sam Haynes called Welcome to the Horror Show? Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s now time for another one! While it’s not yet Halloween, the new album is called Ghost Stories and…


Peter’s Retro Reviews: Kingdom of the Spiders (1977)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen ”A Living, Crawling Hell on Earth” As a teen I used to pass this movie many, many times in the horror section. I’d pick it up, read the back, look at the photos and then put it back on the shelf, not having the nerve to actually rent the damn thing. I was always very fascinated…