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Peter’s Retro Movie Review: Raw Deal (1986)

Tweet by Peter Nielsen Mark Kaminsky is a former FBI-agent who now works as a sheriff in a small town in North Carolina. He was forced to retire after he got a little rough with a suspect in a kidnapping-case involving an 11-year old girl. In his defense, Mr. Kaminsky says that he did what he did because the perpetrator…


Coming Soon to The Forgotten Flix Podcast: Escape From New York (1981)

Tweet by Joel G. Robertson It’s time for your weekly sneak peek at what’s coming up soon on The Forgotten Flix Podcast. Our next movie is: Escape From New York (1981)! Synopsis (courtesy of Wikipedia): Escape from New York is a 1981 American science fiction action film directed and scored by John Carpenter. He co-wrote the screenplay with Nick Castle. The film is set in the near…