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If you’re a fan of retro movies (and you know you are), you’ll find everything you need right here in The Forgotten Flix Store!

Not only do we strive to meet your movie loving needs, but by getting your movies and other items through our store*, you’re helping to support the site and the podcast!

Be sure to check out all the available categories (use the “Browse by Category” menu in the right sidebar of the store below) which include:

  • Forgotten Flix Recommends: 1980’s Horror Movies
  •  Forgotten Flix Recommends: 1980’s Science Fiction Movies
  • Forgotten Flix Recommends: 1980’s Action Movies
  • Forgotten Flix Recommends: 1980’s Comedy Movies
  • Movies Featured on The Forgotten Flix Podcast: Year One
  • Movies Featured on The Forgotten Flix Podcast: Year Two

We’ll keep adding to the store in the coming weeks, so check back often! Future categories will include:

  • movies from the 1990’s
  • movie memorabilia
  • movie books
  • movie posters and more!
Thank you so much for checking out The Forgotten Flix Store and supporting us! If you need any help or have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email me at: and I’ll get back to you immediately!

*AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE NOTICE: All links in the Forgotten Flix store are Amazon Affiliate links. When you purchase an item from this store you’re buying it from Amazon, but I (Joel) receive a commission from the sale. By getting your movie fix through the Forgotten Flix Store, you are supporting the podcast, the site, and helping us keep up the fight against CND!

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