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Six Degrees Summer Tourney Week #4

by Dave Umbricht

Now that’s more like it.  After getting beat down by y’all, the quizmaster came back and decided to be mean.  Sure it was Ingmar Bergman’s birthday last week, but it still wasn’t nice to make you link Ice Cube and Vin Diesel to him.  But one intrepid soul actually did, giving us our first repeat winner.  Here’s what Daniel had to say:

Ice Cube is in Friday with Bernie Mac. Bernie Mac is in Ocean’s Eleven with Elliot Gould. Elliot Gould is in Ingmar Bergman’s The Touch with Max von Sydow. Von Sydow is in Awakenings with an uncredited Vin Diesel.

Bish bash bosh.

Well played Daniel!

As anyone can see, using the XXX movies just wasn’t going to cut it last week.  The leader board as of today:

Daniel            2

Zach               1

DudeFozz     1

The Rest       0

Plenty of time to catch up gang.

This week, I encourage you to take me back to school.  Back to Summer School, to be exact.

So, take us from Sam Kinison to Mark Harmon.

Remember, e-mail your entries to me at  Until next week, happy linking.

Sam Kinison

Sam Kinison


Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon


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