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Six Degrees Movie Game #3

by Dave Umbricht

Welcome back to America’s favorite new game.  Good work last week.  I liked that Red K. Queen used Falling in Love, mainly because I confuse it with Stanley & Iris.  Ian continues to play speed demon, linking as quick as can be.  This week triple bonus points to Mags who not only honored Liz Taylor, but did so by using The Flintstones (God help us all).

But enough chatter about the past.  This week let’s go with a touching tale of father and son bonding.  So using the soap opera of the Skywalker clan, let’s be really geeky and go from:

Mark Hamill to Hayden Christensen

Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill

Hayden Christensen

Hayden Christensen

Bonus points awarded for using a film by Ingmar Bergman (Why Bergman?  Check out this Thursday’s Cinematic Essentials to find out).

As always, post your chains below in the comment section.



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Dave Umbricht is a self proclaimed "guy who knows a couple of things". However, he has never claimed to know them well. Genetically predisposed to love movies, at age ten he felt really cool being the only fourth grader who knew of the film "My Dinner with Andre", thanks to Siskel & Ebert. For the next twenty years he pretended to have seen the movie until he finally watched it at age 28 and understood what all the fuss was about. He attempted to watch all of the films on Ebert's Great Movies list by age 40. He failed.

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