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Spooky Flix Fest ’14 – OTR Quiet, Please: The Thing On the Fourble Board (1948)

quiet pleaseThis year we wanted to offer up a special October Halloween treat. Take it up a notch.

In this bonus episode of the 2014 Spooky Flix Fest, we’re presenting an episode of the classic Old Time Radio series, Quiet, Please!

This classic episode is called The Thing On the Fourble Board.

Plot description (from “The process of drilling for oil produces the deepest holes in the Earth ever created. Oil must be pulled up from miles below the ground, where it’s been forming through the long processes of time. The rock brought up to the surface while drilling for oil can be millions of years old. The millions of years have formed a protect layer on top of whatever’s down there, covering with layer after layer after layer of dirt and rock. What is it down there, deep in the past, at the bottom of the hole? Is it just rock and oil, or is there something else being brought up out of the core of the Earth?

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