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Offscript: Episode 5 – The One About Jersey Shore Shark Attack, Oblivion CGI, John Williams, and (yes, even more) Star Wars Talk

Ep-005The Guts

In this installment of Off Script Jason and Joel dig deep (I mean REEEEEAL deep) as they discuss Joel’s inability to stomach the 87 minute running time of the SyFy classic, Jersey Shore Shark Attack.

They also discuss the newish sci-fi film, Oblivion, and why Joel now believes CGI may, in fact, be more than a passing fad. Jason explores his man love of John Williams, and your daring duo goes on yet another Star Wars rant discussion. It all comes to a messy climax with an all new CND Theater. Good luck figuring this one out!

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Jersey Shore Shark Attack


Excerpt from 1977 PBS show “Previn & The Pittsburgh”, Andre Previn invites John Williams as guest conductor – “Star Wars” suite.