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Offscript: Episode 3 – The One About Video Stores, Norman Bates, Wolverine, and Some Assault on Precinct 13 Wanna-be Trailers

03-blockbuster-videoThe Guts

Jason is back from vacation. He went to a Blockbuster Video “going out of business” sale, which leads the boys into a discussion about the nearly dead world of video stores and the creeps that frequent them. Joel gives his thoughts on the Bates Motel T.V series pilot, which leads your daring duo to share their thoughts on creating a T.V. series that acts as a prequel to a movie.

Not only that, but J & J also discuss the problems that come with screwing with a movie’s timeline since Bates Motel is supposed to be happening present day. When they get into “Trailer Trash,” Jason gets waaaaay too down on the name of the new Wolverine movie, and Joel finds some good looking Assault On Precinct 13-style trailers, including The Purge and You’re Next.

This, of course, draws them into a diatribe about independent films and the work that goes into getting a big release.

Finally, they hand out a prescription for your next purified dose of CND (Cinematic Nostalgia Disorder) Theater that will blow your mind. Special congratulations to JayV!  You’ve been named Geek of the Week for guessing the answer to the last CND theater correctly (It was Tron.)

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The Purge

You’re Next