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FFR – 2015 Spooky Flix Fest – Silver Bullet (1985)

2015 SFFIn this episode of Forgotten Flix, Joel, Peter and Darrell are joined by special guest co-host Dave to remember Silver Bullet (1985)!

Synopsis: Once again we’re in small town USA. Our next terrifying stay is in the idyllic berg of Tarker’s Mills, Maine. Let’s call it Stephen King country.

I suppose that’s fitting since he penned the novella, Cycle of the Werewolf, upon which this tale is based.

It’s all about a wheelchair-bound boy, his sister, and their unbalanced uncle (after all, it is Gary Busey in the role!). Together they must stop a maniacal killer who is decimating the population.

Of course, this is a King story so the killer isn’t exactly human. No… it’s a werewolf.

And as any good horror fan knows, there’s only one way to destroy such a beast… with a Silver Bullet.

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Silver Bullet Trailer