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Forgotten Flix Remembers: Nomads (1986)

Nomads-PosterIn this episode of Forgotten Flix Remembers, Joel and Peter are talking about Nomads from 1986.


A dark fantasy more than it is a horror film, Nomads tells the story of French anthropologist Pommier (played with paranoid desperation by Pierce Brosnan making his feature debut), who spent many years traveling the world and studying the ways of various nomadic peoples.

When Pommier and his wife, Niki, settle down in a seemingly quiet, “bourgeois” Los Angeles suburb, they soon find their plans for him to become a “respectable” UCLA professor upended when Pommier is unable to let go of his lifelong obsession.

Triggered by the strange and potentially dangerous actions of a group of young punks who seem to be living as urban nomads, Pommier decides to follow and study them.

However, he soon realizes these “freaks” are not exactly what they seem. In fact, they may be something other worldly and connected to an ancient legend Pommier studied during his adventures abroad.

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