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Forgotten Flix Recommends: Midnight Syndicate’s Monsters of Legend

Tweet Welcome, my fearsome fiends and gruesome ghouls! A chill wind blows. You hear the clink and rattle of a horse’s harness. Someone rides slowly through the dark, mysterious village of Arcacia “where monsters of legend roam its hillsides.” The music builds, swelling, ever so slowly, creating an atmosphere of brooding whimsy  as you travel back to the golden age…


Forgotten Flix Recommends: …And God Spoke (1993)

Tweet by Joel G. Robertson Lou Ferrigno as Cain? Andy Dick as Abel? And Soupy Sales as… Moses?!? Brilliant! …And God Spoke is a faux-documentary (aka a mockumentary) that chronicles the struggles of two fictitious filmmakers, director Clive Walton (Michael Riley) and producer Marvin Handelman (Stephen Rappaport) as they attempt make their biggest feature yet. Despite having made such “classics”…


What’s Playin’ at the Mall Twin… and when?

Tweet by Joel G. Robertson As this is the final post before Launch-Day (which has been bumped one day to November 1, because, hey, I forgot Halloween was on a Sunday this year!), I thought I’d briefly go over how I plan on releasing content. Yep, I’ve actually laid out a schedule for myself and for you, my lone, er,…


Forgotten Flix Recommends… 13 Horror Movies for Halloween: Creature Features, Part 2

Tweet by Joel G. Robertson So, here’s the second part of my monster magnum opus! It contains the remaining six entries. After this post comes to a close, it will be my final entry in the “13 Horror Movies for Halloween” series for this year. But considering quite a few folks seemed to really enjoy these, I’ll be doing it…


Forgotten Flix Recommends… 13 (More) Horror Movies for Halloween: Creepy Kids and (Creepier) Dolls

Tweet by Joel G. Robertson 14 days and counting until All Hallows Eve (and the official launch of this site), so I present to you yet another list of movies to make your October nights a little more uneasy. Today’s Forgotten Flix Recommends… features all those (literal) ankle biters who’s make even the most tolerant child care worker run screaming…


Forgotten Flix Recommends… 3 Films Starring Jill Schoelen

Tweet by Joel G. Robertson UPDATE: A special thanks to Jill Schoelen herself for permitting me to post this retrospective to her Facebook wall! ————————————————————————————- It’s seventeen days and counting until the official launch of Forgotten Flix and we’re going to keep plugging right along with another installment of “Forgotten Flix Recommends.” Today, Forgotten Flix recommends 3 movies starring actress…


Forgotten Flix Recommends…13 Horror Movies for Halloween

Tweet by Joel G. Robertson I originally posted this in the comments section as a suggestion list for my friend Dumbricht, who’s blogging about watching 31 movies leading up to Halloween. Check out his blog here. He asked for a few suggestions and while I’m sure he (and you) have heard of many of these films, and to be honest,…


Forgotten Flix Recommends…A Classic Horror Movie From Wes Craven

Tweet It’s 20 days until the official launch of the Forgotten Flix site! I’ve decided to wait and post all full-length reviews and retrospectives starting on October 31. In the meantime, I’m posting short segments every Monday and Friday called “Forgotten Flix recommends…” where I’ll recommend a “forgotten” flick of a specific director, actor, or special effects artist. All recommended…