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Cinematic Essentials: Movie Review – Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

Tweet Editor’s Note: In light of the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan, cinematic essentials looks back at one of the most devastating animated films of all time.  If you are not well acquainted  with the Japanese film industry, there is no better time than now.  From Kurosawa and Ozu to Miyazaki and J-horror, there is something for everyone within…


Cinematic Essentials: Movie Review – Roger & Me (1989)

Tweet by Dave Umbricht Sex, politics, religion, and Michael Moore. Four things one should never bring up in a job interview or a polite dinner party.  A few years ago, one’s views on Moore’s films said something about political leanings.  Think Farenheit 9/11 was hard hitting journalism?  You must be a commie pinko.  Enjoyed Bowling for Columbine?    Then you don’t…


Cinematic Essentials: Movie Review – Amadeus (1984)

Tweet by Dave Umbricht We live in the era of Facebook.  Everyone from Lady GaGa to your grandmother has created a page, begging for your approval.   Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, has been named Time’s “Person of the Year”, and now, a movie based on Facebook’s creation, The Social Network, stands as one of the favorites for the Academy Award…


Cinematic Essentials: Movie Review – Do the Right Thing (1989)

Tweet by Dave Umbricht In 1989, the media billed Do the Right Thing as a dangerous movie, suggesting lives were at risk if viewed in a theater.  The panic was overblown, but the movie remains incendiary.  From the opening moment when Rosie Perez explodes onto the screen, shadow boxing to the pulsing beats of Public Enemy, few films energize the audience…