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FFR – 2015 Spooky Flix Fest – Interview with Pumpkin Cinema author Nathaniel Tolle!

Tweet In this episode of Forgotten Flix, Joel, Peter and Darrell are joined by special guest Nathaniel Tolle, author of Pumpkin Cinema! We discuss his new book and which movies are best to watch to get you into a Halloween mood. Be sure to get your copy of Pumpkin Cinema by clicking here. And leave Nathan a positive review to help…

Forgotten Flix Remembers: Brainstorm Bonus

brainstorm-WalkenIn this BONUS episode, Joel and Gamma Dev (from 80’s Anthologies: Episode by Episode with Doug McCoy), went down a bit of a rabbit-trail (shocking, I know!).

In this segment, they talked about

  • CGI and the Star Wars prequels (without Joel having an aneurysm!)
  • whether or not the digital format has finally surpassed film and
  • the note Gamma wrote Roger Ebert that took the legendary film critic to task.

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