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Two Friends Talkin’ Movies – Tokyo Story

Tweet Nathan My double-shot of Ozu in one week was well worth the time. I watched Tokyo Story (1953) last week, and as you know, we screened Late Spring (1949) as part of our TPR Cinema Tuesdays series.  If I had to immediately pick one above the other, I think I’d say I like Tokyo Story more. We often hear…


Two Friends Talkin’ Movies: Gojira (1954)

Tweet by Dave Umbricht and Nathan Cone Dave Gojira, Gojira, Gojira, Gojira, Gojira Want to start? Nathan STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Of course I selected Gojira because our last review was all about a giant lizard attacking a major metropolis. Like many kids, I grew up with the Godzilla movie series, including such memorable (ahem) films as Mothra vs. Godzilla, Son of Godzilla,…


Two Friends Talking Movies: Q the Winged Serpent (1982)

Tweet by Dave Umbricht and Nathan Cone After a bit of a hiatus, we are back.  Logistical issues delayed us. Who would have thought it would be difficult to obtain a copy of a B-movie about a flying lizard? Anyways, here we go. Nathan: Want me to give you an opening salvo, or would you like to begin? Dave: Go…


Two Friends Talkin’ Movies: White Dog (1982)

Tweet by Dave Umbricht and Nathan Cone (Editor’s Note: White Dog is currently available on Netflix streaming!) Welcome back to the conversation.  This week management has decided that the spoilers included do touch upon many of the major plot points of the movie, including the ending.  Management has no idea if this will lessen your enjoyment of the film, but…


Two Friends Talkin’ Movies: Army of Shadows (1969)

Tweet by Dave Umbricht and Nathan Cone Welcome to a new column in the ever evolving world of Forgotten Flix.  We all know that watching movies is a lot of fun.  That joy of find something new. Something amazing. We also know that it’s even more fun to share that discovery with a friend.  So today, Dave Umbricht has asked…