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It Came From the ’80s: Movie Review – Happy Birthday to Me

Tweet by Sheri White When I was a teen back in the early 80s, I loved going to horror movies (I still do).  Guys I dated loved this because I wasn’t dragging them to “chick flicks.”  And of course I would bury my face in my date’s shoulder or cling to his arm.  Win-win all around. One of my favorite…

It Came From the ’80s: Movie Review – Liquid Sky (1982)

Tweet Here’s a guest post from Sheri White. You can (and should) check out her blog “Chaos and Contentment” here. This post is a personal essay about her experience growing up as a teen in D.C. during the 80’s. Sheri’s depiction of this time is honest, raw, and full of the white-hot truth-telling that erupts from the heart and soul…