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The First Ever Forgotten Flix Tweet-a-Long this February 19, 2012!

Tweet by Maggie Kruger Q. What are you doing on Sunday 19th February at exactly 4 PM EST? Are you: A. Taking a trip to the Garden Centre to buy some new begonias? B. Alligator wrestling? C. Joining in with the first ever, highly anticipated, global phenomenon that is THE FORGOTTEN FLIX TWEETALONG of FLASH GORDON? That was a trick…

First Ever Forgotten Flix Movie Tweet-a-Long: Flash Gordon (1980)

Tweet In a world… where flix were forgotten… In a world… where heroes were valiant, be they bald or part Wookiee… In a world… where social media was king… One of the things I love most about Forgotten Flix (apart from ripping the piss out of Jason) is the sense of community that is spread so far and wide –…