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USB TypewriterHere’s how we’ll roll:

MONDAY: Insanely Difficult, Damn-Near-Impossible Movie Trivia Challenge. It’s just like it sounds, an incredibly hard movie quiz… but with a twist. You see, VHS master extraordinaire, Dale Lloyd, provides us with a word, each letter taken from the cover art of a different VHS box.

It’s your job to guess which movie each letter came from. Anyone who submits a correct answer is entered into the quarterly prize drawing (go here to see our last prize winner).

TUESDAY: It Came From the ’80s! A weekly series of movie reviews, essays, and trips down that neon-trimmed memory lane ¬†written by blogger extraordinaire Sheri White.

WEDNESDAY: The Forgotten Flix Podcast. With a new episode every two weeks, The Forgotten Flix Podcast podcast features hosts Joel and Jason discussing the movies we all grew up with… the movies from the 80s, 90s and beyond!

There’s also remake, sequel, and general movie/ television news that relates to 80s and 90s movies and stars, along with a “Forgotten Flix Recommends” section. This podcast is the voice of the faithful film fan, and if you leave a voice mail message on our feedback line it will get played on the show! Check out our Podcast Page for past episodes or subscribe to us on iTunes.

THURSDAY: (Starting Feb.24th!)¬† Deep Fried Cheese and Movies at the Mall Twin. In Deep Fried Cheese, you’ll be treated to a movie review courtesy of The Forgotten Flix Podcast co-host Jason. These aren’t just any old reviews. No siree! Much like the “food” you eat at a carnival, or what those south of the Mason Dixon line might refer to as “fine dining,” these reviews will cover movies so cheesy you’ll want ’em fried and served up hot and fresh!

Once you’ve eaten enough cheese to block up your colon for a month, you’ll want some fiber to breakdown that lactose based firewall. That’s where Movies at the Mall Twin will cure what ails ya. These reviews (courtesy of yours truly, Joel) will focus on a wide-variety of movies, including many of those we discuss in the podcast. You’ll also read my take on newer releases, especially all those remakes, sequels, reboots, reimaginings, or whatever other Godawful abominations Hollywood pukes our way.

Now, just because this site’s called Forgotten Flix doesn’t mean that we’ll only review old, obscure titles. No, anything goes with the movie reviews. From the mainstream to the obscure. From the old to the new. If you’re wanting to know whether a movie’s worth your hard-earned dime (okay, I guess movies cost a wee bit more than a dime these days), or whether or not you’ll wish you had those two hours of your life back, look no further. It’s our mission to provide you, the faithful film fan, with entertainment suggestions (and warnings) you can count on!

FRIDAY: Forgotten Flix Recommends. I’ll suggest 6 movies, each from a different genre, including horror, comedy, drama,/thriller, action, sci-fi/fantasy, and family. Of course, my 6 movie recommendations are just the beginning. You need to contribute your favorite flicks to the list too, helping us all remember the movies we all love, but maybe haven’t thought about in years.

All the movies offered up in Forgotten Flix Recommends will have some sort of thematic connection; it may be the release year, someone involved with the production, or some other arbitrary, marginally-amusing piece of trivia. But no matter how tenuous, a connection there will be!

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