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Author: Maggie Kruger

5 Tips for How to Cope Now That The Forgotten Flix Podcast is No More

Tweet This is the end, beautiful friend…. We snickered, we cried, we marvelled as Jason and Joel heroically smashed the 2-hour barrier…. Yes my friends, the forgotten flix podcast is no more. All we’re left with is the sound of tumbleweed and the faint ghost of a terrible accent, like laughter in the wind. How to cope? What are we…


Take that Look off your Face! (aka The Worst “O” Faces in Cinema)

Tweet by Maggie Kruger Bethany: What’s he like? Metatron: God? Lonely. But funny. He’s got a great sense of humour. Take sex for example. There’s nothing funnier than the ridiculous faces you people make mid-coitus. — Dogma, 1999, dir. Kevin Smith I should give you a bit of background – a few years back I was quasi-editor of the movie…


When Casting Goes Wrong… Or Does It?

Tweet by Maggie Kruger Poor Ben Affleck. There he is, snagging the most coveted role in Hollywood, and there’s 99.9% of the interwebs being mean to him. Personally I think the most worrying thing about him playing Batman is less to do with his acting, more to do with Zach Snyder’s explode-by-numbers school of directing. Anyway, these past few days…