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Author: Brandon Engel

Brandon Engel is a Chicago based blogger with a keen interest in film - especially cult horror, vintage exploitation, and experimental animation. He also has a cat that he occasionally dresses up in costumes. Follow his misadventures on Twitter: @BrandonEngel2

5 Classic Films Ruined By Modern Tech

Tweet Watching old films brings back memories of a simpler time; when the world wasn’t clamoring the latest i-Thing or clutching a cellphone to its collective breast, sunk in a glowing stupor. But just how different would these movies be if today’s innovations infiltrated their plot? Here are just a few timeless classics, reframed with the addition of contemporary “smart”…


5 Must See Zombie Movies You’ve Never Seen

Tweet Considering the upcoming release of Fear the Walking Dead, it seems like the latest zombie craze is only getting started. But what do you do when you’ve already seen all the zombie films you’ve ever heard of? Obviously, find more! Here’s a quick retrospective on a few zombie films that, for one reason or another, have slipped through the…


5 Unforgettable Creature Features from the ’80s!

Tweet The 80’s didn’t hold much back. If you were going to do anything, you did it big. This attitude was never more present than in the horror films of this great decade. From giant space slugs to murderous werewolves, these are the top monster flicks that are a must watch for any fan of 80’s horror. Deadly Friend (1986)…


Bruce Lee: Commemorating the Dragon on his Birthday

Tweet Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Tony Jaa, along with every new up and coming martial arts star has been referred to as “The next Bruce Lee.” Lee practiced martial arts, taught others, brought martial arts to the mainstream via television and movies while breaking racial stereotypes in Hollywood. Now, some 40 years after his death, Bruce Lee is still the…


Five Home Invasion Films to Freak You Out This Halloween

Tweet Films focusing on sudden “home invasions” exploit our fears that arbitrary violence can happen to good, innocent people, and that a locked door is no guarantee of safety. These films push the genre of horror in a different direction – without gratuitous bloodshed, hot chicks with fake boobs, or nonsensical plot twists – to creep out viewers by staging…