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89.5 – TFFP: Jason and Joel Are Going Off Script! (Update episode)

iTunes_logoIn this episode of
Forgotten Flix Podcast
, you’re
getting a “mini-sode” (or is it “micro-cast”?). Jason and Joel will
tell you all about their NEW show (that’s right, a new

They’ll also
tell you some cool news regarding the original Forgotten Flix
podcast (here’s a hint, it ain’t exactly going away…).

So, don’t unsubscribe.

Don’t go anywhere. Just sit
back, unbuckle your pants Al Bundy style, and click play to hear
all the podcast update goodness.

P.S. We’ll send out a (very) short episode telling you
where to get the new show.

This mini-micro-cast will be available on 3/18. See be on
the lookout!

*Special Thanks to Kevin Spencer for
creating the awesome show logo you see