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082: TFFP – Pumpkinhead (1988) with special guest Lance Henriksen

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In this episode of The Forgotten Flix Podcast, we’re talking Pumpkinhead (1988) with none other than the star of that (and many other classic films) Lance Henriksen!

It’s Lance’s second time as a guest on the show and this time we covered everything from Pumpkinhead to Tales From the Crypt to Lance’s feelings about remakes.

We had a great time talking with Lance and to top it all off, we were joined by Forgotten Flix contributors Peter Nielsen and Kevin Spencer!

So, join us won’t you and relive a horror classic with its legendary star, Lance Henriksen!

Lance and Pumpkinhead (Tom Woodruff, Jr.) on set in 1988.

Lance and Pumpkinhead (Tom Woodruff, Jr.) on set in 1988.

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Next week’s episode, and the third movie in the 2012 October Spooky Flix Fest, is Pet Sematary (1989). We’re joined by guest host Doug McCoy of Found Footage Films Podcast!

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