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080 – TFFP: The Cutting Edge (1992)

EP81 - The Cutting Edge - courtesy of Kevin Spencer - inkspatters.comIn this episode of The Forgotten Flix Podcast, we’re light as air and grace on ice skates as we discuss The Cutting Edge (1992) with guest host and frequent contributer Maggie Kruger!

Directed by: Paul Michael Glaser

Screenplay byTony Gilroy

Starring: D.B. Sweeney, Moira Kelley, Roy Dotrice, and Terry O’Quinn

Background Info (from Wikipedia): The Cutting Edge is a 1992 romantic comedy film directed by Paul Michael Glaser and written by Tony Gilroy. The plot is about a very rich, spoiled figure skater (played by Moira Kelly) who is paired with a has-been ice hockey player (played by D. B. Sweeney) for Olympic figure skating. They face off against a Soviet pair in the climax of the film, which is set at the site of the 16th Winter Olympic Games, in Albertville, France.

This week’s movie picks are:

Maggie’s Pick: 

Memphis Belle (1990)

Jason’s Pick:

Twilight (2008) (For the record, Jason is TOTALLY Team Jacob!)

Joel’s Pick:

Pin (1988)

No new episode next week. Why? Because we’re going into full “preparing-for-the-zombie-apocalypse” mode as we gear up for the 2012 October Spooky Flix Fest, which starts on October 3!

And by the way, the first movie in this year’s October Spooky Flix Fest is the under-appreciated classic The People Under The Stairs (1990). We’ll be joined by guest host and The Forgotten Flix Podcast show-art creator Kevin Spencer!

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