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059 – TFFP: Dr. Giggles (1992)

EP59- Dr Giggles - courtesy of Kevin Spencer - inkspatters.comIn this episode of The Forgotten Flix Podcast, we’re needing a checkup and unlucky for us the doctor is in… SANE in Dr. Giggles (1992)!

Directed by: Manny Coto

Screenplay by: Manny Coto, Graeme Whifler

Starring: Larry Drake, Holly Marie Combs, Cliff De Young, and Glenn Quinn

Background Info (from Wikipedia): Dr. Giggles is a 1992 slasher film directed by Manny Coto, and starring Larry Drake as the titular antagonist and Holly Marie Combs as the protagonist. The film co-stars Cliff De Young and Glenn Quinn. It was released on October 23, 1992.

In the town of Moorehigh in 1957, the patients of Dr. Rendell kept disappearing. After some investigation, the citizens of Moorehigh found that he and his son, Evan, Jr. (nicknamed “Dr. Giggles” for his hideous laugh), were ripping out patients’ hearts in an attempt to bring back the doctor’s dead wife. The townspeople stone Dr. Rendell to death, but Evan, Jr. disappeared.

Thirty-five years later, the now-adult Evan, Jr. escapes from an insane asylum by murdering two doctors, and heads back to Moorehigh for revenge. The reputation of the Rendell family has been immortalised in a poem used by local children to keep rhythm when skipping;

This town has a doctor and his name is Rendell
Stay away from his house cause he’s the doctor from Hell.
He killed all his patients, every last one,
And cut out their hearts…purely for fun.
So if you’re from Moorehigh and you get sick
Fall on your knees and pray you die quick.

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