Movie Poster Trivia Challenge #4

by Peter Nielsen (follow him on Twitter: @Peter_Nielsen)

Here are the answers to last week’s Movie Poster Puzzler #2 (all links lead to IMP Awards, a great movie poster database):

Poster 1: Streets of Fire

Poster 2: Savage Streets

Poster 3: Runaway

Poster 4: Night of the Comet

Poster 5: The Last Starfighter

Poster 6: Body Double


The Rules

1. Identify each movie from the poster fragments below.

2. UPDATE: Joel here… Due to spammers (and a Captcha plugin that’s giving me fits), all answers for the Movie Poster Trivia must be emailed to trivia (at) forgottenflix (dot) com. Just put the poster number and the movie title beside it in your email. Thanks!

3. Submit your answers and if you get at least one correct, your name will be entered into a prize drawing that will take place on March 31, 2011.

4. All answers must be submitted by Sunday (3/13), giving you a week to play!

5. The answers to Movie Poster Trivia # 4 will be posted with next week’s quiz on Monday (3/14).

6. Have fun!

Poster Puzzler 4


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