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Forgotten Flix Weekly Update and Movie Trivia: 01/16/2012

Weird Science (1985)by Joel G. Robertson

We had several great answers to last week’s movie-related question: What’s your favorite multi-genre movie?

Mags and Peter both picked From Dusk to Dawn. They both had different reasons… I assume. Also, Shannon suggested Weirdsville (a movie even I hadn’t heard of and had to look up), and Jay recommended one of my personal faves, Big Trouble in Little China!

And, finally, our pal Will from (a FANTASTIC movie review site) had the same problem I often do, picking just one favorite. But he did make sure to point out what he thought of Zone Troopers. I guess he’ll have to wait until our episode next week (#52, which comes out on 1/25) to hear what Jason and I thought!

Thanks to all of you for playing. And be sure to check out this week’s movie trivia question below!

This Week, on episode #51 of the Forgotten Flix Podcast…

It’s The Last Dragon (1985) starring Taimak, Vanity, Christopher Murney, and Julius Carry. Directed by Michael Schultz.

And coming soon…

It’s Weird Science (1985), a sci-fi/comedy written and directed by John Hughes and starring Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan Mitchell-Smith, and Kelly LeBrock. about two geeky friends, Gary and Wyatt, who create the “perfect” woman with their home PC, a barbie doll, and bras on their heads. But when their creation, named Lisa, begins to force the boys outside their comfort zone, they learn that growing up isn’t exactly a science… it’s Weird Science!

Call in your feedback by 1/21, so we can include your thoughts on the show! The feedback number is 206.203.0491.

Movie Question of the Week:

In Weird Science, a group of barbarian, bikers crash Wyatt and Gary’s party. Name two of the actors and the movies in which they previously portrayed a “barbarian”. Extra credit if you can guess which of the two movies is one of my personal favorites!

Be sure to leave your answer in the comments section and I’ll mention you in next week’s post if you get it correct!

Special thanks to Kevin Bachelder of the Tuning Into Sci-Fi TV and Saturday B-Movie Reel Podcasts who suggested we send out a weekly update about the next movie we’re covering.


Forgotten Flix Weekly Update and Movie Trivia: 01/09/2012

Zone Troopers (1986) posterby Joel G. Robertson

The answer to last week’s movie trivia was John Carradine. The legendary actor and father of actors David and Robert. Thanks to everyone who played and congrats to Peter for getting it right!

Oh, and if you don’t know why the quote was ironic, just look up how John’s eldest left this mortal coil.

This week’s trivia is pretty simple… at least for the cinematic savants who walk among us. Read on for more!

Coming Soon…

Here’s a sneak peek at a movie we’re covering soon for The Forgotten Flix Podcast.

Zone Troopers (1985)

Synopsis (courtesy of Wikipedia): Zone Troopers is a 1985 science fiction film, directed by Danny Bilson and starring Tim Thomerson. The original music score was composed by Richard Band. In Italy during World War II, a patrol of American soldiers discover a spaceship that has crash-landed in the woods, and they come across its alien crew. A nearby Nazi unit also finds out about the alien craft, and sends a patrol to capture it and the Americans.

Call in your feedback by 1/16, so we can include your thoughts on the show! The feedback number is 206.203.0491.

Zone Troopers (1985) Trailer

On This Week’s Episode of the Forgotten Flix Podcast

It’s Of Unknown Origin starring Peter Weller and Shannon Tweed (in her feature debut). Directed by George P. Cosmatos.

Movie Question of the Week:

In the spirit of Zone Troopers, what’s your favorite multi-genre movie? The more obscure, the better and be sure to leave your answer in the comments section!

Special thanks to Kevin Bachelder of the Tuning Into Sci-Fi TV Podcast who suggested we send out a weekly update about the next movie we’re covering.


Forgotten Flix Weekly Update and Movie Trivia: 1/02/2012

by Joel G. Robertson

With the start of a new year, I thought I’d change things up a bit.

So, the “Coming Soon” posts are now a weekly update letting you know what movie we’ll discuss in our next recording (so you have a week to watch it and call in!). Also, you’ll get a reminder about the movie we’re covering in THIS week’s show.

And for all you move trivia buffs, you’ll get a random movie quote from a movie star, director, or some other famous, movie maker type. Leave your best guess in the comments section. If you get your answer in before the following Monday (and it’s a correct answer, of course), we’ll mention you in the next episode of The Forgotten Flix Podcast!

Coming Soon to The Forgotten Flix Podcast

Here’s a sneak peek at the movie we’re talking about for the next recording of The Forgotten Flix Podcast.

The Last Dragon (1985)

Synopsis (courtesy of Wikipedia): The Last Dragon is a 1985 martial arts musical film produced by Rupert Hitzig for Berry Gordy and directed by Michael Schultz. The film was a critical disappointment but a financial success,[1] The Last Dragon is now considered a cult classic. The film starsTaimak, Vanity, Julius Carry, Christopher Murney, and Faith Prince. Choreography was done by Lester Wilson, and Lawrence Leritz. The film was released in theatres by TriStar Pictures on March 22, 1985.

Call in your feedback by 1/09, so we can include your thoughts on the show! The feedback number is 206.203.0491.

The Last Dragon(1985) Trailer

On This Week’s Episode of the Forgotten Flix Podcast

It’s THREE O’CLOCK HIGH starring Casey Siemaszko and Richard Tyson. Directed by Phil Joanou.

Movie Quote of the Week:

Who said:

Never do anything you wouldn’t want to be caught dead doing.

Here’s a hint: The legendary Actor who said it was talking to his actor son. Oh, and it’s ironic as hell!

Special thanks to Kevin Bachelder of the Tuning Into Sci-Fi TV Podcast who suggested we send out a weekly update about the next movie we’re covering.


The Quizmaster Presents: Movie Frankenstein – Horror Edition


by Dave Umbricht

We are just a week away from the big day.

My kids picked out their costumes a few weeks ago.  My five year old daughter – Batgirl (she liked the black leather boots), my two year old son – Nemo (not really current, but the kid loves Finding Nemo.  Actually, who am I kidding, it is a hand me down.  It’s tough to be the third kid).  My oldest, a boy, decided he wanted to be the scariest thing possible.  He’s eight, so there are limits.  So he will be a werewolf.

It got me thinking about when is it appropriate to start showing horror movies to my kids.  My wife would probably answer, “never.”  However, it seems like eight-year-olds want to be scared.  So, not only will he be the werewolf, but we will also watch the original The Wolfman before Halloween.

This will mark the third year we watch a “scary” movie together.

We started two years ago with Monster House, a more morbid than I imagined animated film.  Last year we half-assed it, watching one of the lamer Godzilla movies.  This year, we start the classics.  I tell this story because I am looking to you, dear readers, for advice.

When have you, or plan to, let your kids watch horror movies?  What are good ones to watch with them?  And for those of you without children, and with ample memory, what was your first horror movie?  And how traumatized were you?

And now, on to today’s game.

How about a little round of Movie Frankenstein – the horror edition.  The idea of the game, is to assemble as many different parts as you can to create the best movie (they can be from different eras – for example, Julia Roberts and Cary Grant could star opposite of each other).  This includes plot elements, actors, directors, etc.  Write it out as if you were reading the back of a VHS box at your favorite video store.

So please assemble:


Add your answers to the comments below.

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The Quizmaster Presents: Link the Horror Movies

Creepy-Ass Doll

What's this doll have to do with this quiz, not much... it's just creepy as hell!

by Dave Umbricht

We have been experimenting with a bunch of new games this fall.  But since the sun is shining as I write this, let’s go back to the good ol days of summer and play a round of the linking game.

Since it’s October, we’ll link horror movies.  To do it right, you’ll need to include all of the following:

1. A Universal Horror Film
2. A Hammer Film
3. Zombies
4. A Haunted House
5. A skeleton
6. A witch
7. Boris Karloff
8. Stephen King
9. An alien threat
10. J-Horror
11. Evil Children
12. An Italian Giallo
13. A murderous cult
14. A fiendish clown
15. Something really screwed up

Remember, you link these movies by actors or actresses.  Comment below with your answers.  Be careful out there, this one may bite.

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The Quizmaster Presents – The Horror Personality Test Answer Key

Horror Icons - Courtesy of Kevin Spencer - for more awesome movie art go to inkspatters.comby Dave Umbricht (aka The Quizmaster)

The image of the “Horror Icons” is provided courtesy of Kevin Spencer. Check out more of his amazing movie-related and genre art, by clicking on the image or going to!

You all are a very scary lot.

I say this with the utmost pride (and before I’ve even assigned a score to your personalities). Now here’s your chance to find out how frightening you truly are.

The scoring methodology was developed by a group of world renowned scientists (Dr. Brundle, Dr. Giggles, and the Abominable Dr. Phibes).

Add up your score based on the following template to find out why little children flee from you.

1. Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, or the Mummy?

+1 for Frankenstein’s Monster.

Of course, when I say Frankenstein’s monster, I mean the Karloff incarnation.

-2 if you were thinking of De Niro’s portrayal.

+2 for Dracula

+3 if you were thinking of George Hamilton’s take on the character.

-5 for Wolfman

I mean really, the guy only changes with a full moon. Pretty simple to stay alive, folks, don’t go out during a full moon and you’ll be fine.

-10 if you thought a Mummy should be the answer.

When was the last time you watched a mummy movie? The mummy is never the bad guy, he’s just used as the henchman for a love struck priest on vacation. That’s generally the plot. Try to steal someone’s woman via the use of a cursed undead creature. Moving on.

+5 if you thought it should be the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Bad ass.

2. Bela Lugosi or Christopher Lee?

+1 for Bela Lugosi

The iconic and only true Dracula. Also, Martin Landau won an Oscar for playing him in Ed Wood.

0 for Christopher Lee

I’m sorry, but he’s been in so many films that his true menace has been diminished. He’s more like my fictional great uncle who snorts four lines of coke before every Christmas dinner.

3. Haunted house or possessed child?

+1 for Haunted House

It is difficult, but there always seems to be a way to escape a haunted house. Usually, it entails pacifying a restless spirit.

+3 for possessed child, which is something of a redundant statement.

Much like non-possessed children, they are relentless. On top of that, they generally sucker their victims by seeming cute and innocent. And could you kill a child? Even if you knew it is no longer an actual human, but some evil creature? At the very least, you would pause for a second. And as my driver’s ed. Teacher would say, “He who hesitates is lost.” (Of course, he referred to accelerating onto the highway on-ramp, not taking an axe to Satan’s spawn.)

4. Wes Craven or Dario Argento?

+1 for Wes Craven

He who gave us Nightmare (and New Nightmare), Scream, and Red Eye (let’s pretend Last House on the Left didn’t happen [Editor’s Note: And don’t forget The People Under the Stairs!).

0 for Argento

He gets +1 for Goblin and creating Asia Argento. But loses one cause I don’t get the love of his movies. Just not my thing (and by “my thing,” I really mean the theorem written by Dr. Phibes that this scorecard is scientifically based upon).

5. Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees?

+1 Michael Myers

The coolest cat out there. He was just there and you ran into him. Really, he was plain evil. I don’t believe he can really be explained.

0 for Jason

I don’t respect mamma’s boys. He started out dead. Always been dead to me.

6. Fast Zombies or Slow Zombies?

+1 for Slow Zombies

The world’s too fast as it is. When I’m dead, I’ll need a nap.

+5 for Fast Zombies

Slow zombies is the correct answer, but you are one nihilistic bastard if you opt for speedy ones. A zombie apocalypse is hard enough to survive (since zombies act like relentless little children), add quickness and it is impossible to win.

7. Best found footage horror film?

+1 for Blair Witch

The first and the “best”. Not only did it highlight the strengths of the subgenre, but it also established the limitations. In this case, nothing happened until the night. The audience knew that, which led to a lot of wasted time. (For the record Blair Witch 2 is a pretty solid film, albeit not really found footage [Editor’s Note: Blair Witch 2 was only one of two movies I’ve ever walked out of. It’s awful!).

0 for The Last Exorcism

The genre is over-saturated and often attempts to be way too clever, but there’s enough good here to outweigh its flaws.

+5 for REC and REC 2

I almost forgot about these Spanish-horror gems until Will mentioned them in the comments. If you get nothing out of taking this test, please watch both of these films this Halloween. Both are great takes on both the found footage and zombie genres.

-3 for anything else

8. Creepiest inanimate object?

+1 for a doll

+2 for a ventriloquist dummy

Ventriloquists are a bit touched to begin with, when the dummy starts speaking on its own, it’s all over.

9. Which is worse, scientific arrogance that leads to transforming yourself into a fly, or arrogance that leads to the murder of an innocent ape that accidentally rampages through Manhattan?

+1 for the ape

PETA would be proud.

10. Which horror film would be most improved with the addition of Woody Allen?

+1 for Rosemary’s Baby, don’t you think Mia?

+2 for The Exorcist

Although, he would never have done it due to his concern about being typecast in the early 70’s. A little known fact: In the late 1960s, Woody was often cast as a Catholic priest.

11. The monster in the shadows, or the monster in full view?

+1 in the shadows

See under Lewton, Val.

-1 in plain view

Other than Godzilla and all other giant monsters, I’m always disappointed when I actually see the monster (Alien is one exception. Predator too, but that is an action movie).

12. Most frightening religious sect or cult on film?

+10 for Children of the Corn

See question 3 and sprinkle in corn stalks.

+1 for generic Satanists

I’ve listened to a lot of Black Sabbath albums backwards. I know how scary Satan can be.

13. What’s the best reason for a ghost to get revenge?

+1 for being drowned by Fred Astaire, Melvyn Douglas, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and John Houseman.

14. What annoying addition would George Lucas make to Nightmare on Elm Street if he put out a special edition of it?

+1 for CGIing anything and everything

15. Best horror anthology film?

+1 for Tales from the Hood

+2 for Creepshow

+3 for Creepshow 2

+4 for Dead of Night

It’s the granddaddy of the genre, and includes a ventriloquist dummy.

+5 for Trilogy of Terror

Karen Black AND a creepy doll. Also, it proved that you can be scary even within the constraints of network TV.

16. Does all work and no play really make Jack a dull boy?

What do you think?

+1 Red-freaking-rum

17. If you unearthed a prehistoric creature with an unknown lifeform attached, would you thaw it out?

+1 if you wouldn’t

But your janitor or handyman would.

18. Who is more empathetic, Chucky or Leatherface?

+1 for Leatherface

If only the Sawyer family’s insurance had paid for a little family counseling…

0 for Chucky

Stupid doll (see question 8).

19. Oliver Reed rules: True or False?

+1 for true!

Although, please note, if he’s a murder suspect in a film–he did it. Also, he’s the only guy who could play a werewolf without make up.

20. Best horror movie of all time?

The correct geek answer should be, “Oh, I can’t answer that. I have too many favorites.”


+1 for any answer

Because if you’ve seen enough horror films to have a favorite, then you deserve another point.

So how did you score? (Be sure to let us know in the comment’s section!)

Here’s where you stack up:

<0 Strawberry Shortcake is more your speed

1-5 What’s new Scooby Doo?

6-10 You think the Monster Squad is a good movie

11-15 You know the Monster Squad is a crap movie

16-20 Every time you see a crucifix you hiss and vomit pea soup

>20 You wish the movie was called The Human Millipede

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The Quizmaster Presents: I Could Make A Better Horror Movie!

Linda Blair as Reagan in The Exorcist (1973)by Dave Umbricht

Or you could make it worse.

We often think we could make a better movie than the one we just watched.  We would cast it differently, change some plot detail, or direct it better than the hack that did.

Here’s you chance.  Change an element of each (or any) of the following movies to make it better.

And since we’re playing with some classic films, for extra credit, makes some changes that would make it absolutely worse.

Forgotten Flix has gone horror for October, so here are 5 horror movies that you get to change:


  1. Halloween (the original)

  2. The Exorcist

  3. Jaws

  4. Alien

  5. Cat People (the original or the over-sexed 80’s version)

Be free, have fun, and give us some answers in the comment section below.

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Six Degrees Summer Movie Tourney – And the winner is ……

Highlander Posterby Dave Umbricht

And so we have come to the end of this adventure.  No preamble, let’s get to the results.  Here are the final two entries:

Entry 1:

Morgan Freeman (who we’ve already established is God) was in the South Africa based INVICTUS with Matt Damon, who travelled to London in OCEAN’S 13 (which I actually love, despite my comments on OCEAN’S 12).

OCEAN’S 13 also starred Brad Pitt, who travelled to Morocco in BABEL, which also starred the Mexican Gael Garcia Bernal and Australian Cate Blanchett.

Cate Blanchett played the titular Irish journalist in VERONICA GUERIN, which features a cameo by Colin Farrell, who not only appeared in the Belgium-set IN BRUGES, but also played Macedonian (Greek) King ALEXANDER, which also starred Welsh actor Anthony Hopkins.

Anthony Hopkins played Spanish artist Picasso in SURVIVING PICASSO, which also featured Joan Plowright, who starred in the Italian-set TEA WITH MUSSOLINI.

TEA WITH MUSSOLINI also stars Judi Dench, who was in CHOCOLAT with the ever-so French Juliette Binoche, as well as the Swedish Lena Olin, and Alfred Molina, who played a Russian character in LETTER TO BREZHNEV, and the Cuban Juan Raul in THE PEREZ FAMILY, alongside Indian actor Ranjit Chowdhry, who was in LAST HOLIDAY, which is partially set in the Czech Republic, which was also one of the settings for THE BOURNE IDENTITY, which stars the German actress Franka Potente.

Potente also stars in CHE, pt 2 of which is set in Bolivia and stars Puerto Rican Benicio del Toro.

Benicio del Toro appeared in TRAFFIC alongside Don Cheadle, played Rwandan Paul Rusesabagina in HOTEL RWANDA, which also stars Sophie Okenedo.

Sophie Okenedo appears in ACE VENTURA 2: WHEN NATURE CALLS, which is partially set in Tibet and also stars Simon Callow, who appeared in Austrian-set AMADEUS.

Austrian capital Vienna is the setting for BEFORE SUNRISE, which stars Julie Delpy. Delpy was in THE THREE MUSKETEERS with Canadian Michael Wincott, who appeared in 1492 CONQUEST OF PARADISE, which also featured Turkish born actor Tcheky Karyo, who also starred in KISS OF THE DRAGON with Chinese Jet Li.

Jet Li appeared in THE MUMMY 3 alongside Brendan Fraser, who travelled to Egypt in the earlier THE MUMMY films, which also featured Israeli actor Oded Fahr and Iranian actor Omid Djalili, who appeared in SEX AND THE CITY 2, which was set in the United Arab Emirates, and also stars Pakistani actor Art Malik.

Art Malik played an Afghani character in THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS, which also stars Dutch actor Jeroen Krabbe, who appears in KAFKA with Romanian actor Ion Caramitrou, American actor Joel Gray and English actor Jeremy Irons.

Jeremy Irons played Danish socialite Klaus von Bulow in REVERSAL OF FORTUNE, and because I’ve run out of time, also played the Dad in DANNY CHAMPION OF THE WORLD.

Entry 2:

The Accidental Tourist 

Kathleen Turner

The Jewel Of The Nile

Michael Douglas

The American President

Michael J Fox

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

James Garner

One Little Indian

John Doucette

The Last Time I Saw Paris

Elizabeth Taylor

The White Cliffs Of Dover

Van Johnson


Gene Kelly

Seagulls Over Sorrento

Bernard Lee

From Russia With Love

Sean Connery

A Good Man In Africa

John Lithgow

The Manhattan Project

Richard Council

Canadian Bacon

Bill Nunn

Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead

Fairuza Balk

The Island Of Dr Moreau

David Thewlis

London Boulevard

Keira Knightley

Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse OF The Black Pearl

Jonathan Pryce


Ian Holm


Vanessa Redgrave

Little Odessa

Maximilian Schell

Judgement At Nuremberg

William Shatner

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Christopher Plummer

Battle Of Britain

Michael Caine

Blame It On Rio

Demi Moore

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Kevin Kline

Grand Canyon

Steve Martin

The Prince Of Egypt

Ralph Fiennes

In Bruges

Colin Farrell

Miami Vice

Justin Theroux

Return To Rajapur

Lynn Collins

The Merchant Of Venice 

Jeremy Irons

Danny the Champion of the World

Yeah, so those are easy to judge.  But we must have a winner, and rather than declare a tie and have these two battle it out for another week, I have had made my choice.  Entry two is the Champ.  Congratulations!  Oh wait, who is entry two and why has he won?  Congratulations to Daniel.

It came down to the fact that he had more links than Entry 1 (Mags).  And really, how could he not be declared the winner if both of them ended with Danny the Champion of the World?  If you want to be prophetic, I will happily oblige.

So Daniel, please send me your address so I can send you your gift for winning (a copy of Ernest Cline’s fun new novel, Ready Player One)

Next week we start a new feature here at Forgotten Flix – The Quizmaster Presents.  We’re back to playing games for fun, and the games are going to be more diverse.  Next week we will play with dialogue – be afraid…

…be very afraid!

Until next week.  Rest your little brain, you’re gonna need it.

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Six Degrees Summer Movie Tourney – The Final Challenge

by Dave Umbricht

It all comes down to this.  One week for the championship.  With every subsequent week, the challenges have become more difficult, and the players have stepped up to meet them.  Last week’s was open ended, I knew it would be intriguing to see what you could come up with.  There were good entries, and then there was Mags:

Disaster Map

Disaster Map

Good God woman, the quizmaster bows down in respect.  She tacked on this explanation at the end:

“The Moral of this is that Morgan Freeman is God and Ocean’s 12 is the biggest disaster ever committed to celluloid.”

I felt I should take a point away for disparaging Ocean’s 12, a movie who’s vibe I really dug when I saw it in the theater.  Alas, I realized, while she may have overstated it, there is validity to her statement.  My problem was I loved how it was an homage to cool 60’s European films, but I had actually never seen the films that it wanted to be.  Therefore I gave the knock off more credit than I should have.

It’s the same with people who loved When Harry Met Sally, not realizing that it was just a very good Woody Allen film.  This should have been the first sign that Rob Reiner would eventually become a hack director.  (Although very few directors had as good of a run as Reiner with Spinal Tap, Stand By Me, When Harry Met Sally, Misery and A Few Good Men).  By the way, his last film, Switched, is a pretty darn good little film, if slight.

But, once again, I digress.

With Mags awesome display, the leaderboard is now:

Daniel 5, Zach 5, Mags 5, DudeFozz 1, Tom 1

Yep, a three way tie for first, and everyone still in the running.

In honor of ForgottenFlix’s International readership, this week take us on a tour of the world.  Link as many countries together as you can (using actors).   You could link using country of origin or by location, etc.  Just be creative.  And if you are really up to the challenge, weave in the concept of “Champion” into your link.

So one final puzzle.  This one is for 5 points — no bonus points.  Make it as complex or intricate as you feel necessary.

If you want the honor to be crowned our first winner, you will need to earn it.

As always, send your links to me at  Happy linking.

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Six Degrees Movie Game Summer Tourney – The Penultimate Challenge

Disaster Movie poster

by Dave Umbricht

After last week’s challenge, perhaps you should fear next week’s Ultimate Challenge to decide it all.  But before we can get there, we need to get through the next to last challenge.

However, let us not get ahead of ourselves.  First the recap.

The leaderboard going into last week was:

Daniel 4, Zach 2, Mags 2, DudeFozz 1

Lots of points were at stake, and there was even a little confusion.  I love that the public clamored for two additional “Corvette” movies.  If only Mark Hamill knew how much he was loved.  And just to be fair, here’s my fake final scene from Corvette Winter:

Mark Hamill and Annie Potts have finally tracked down the gang that stole his Corvette.  The standoff becomes tense, Reservoir Dogs tense.  Annie holds a gun.  Close on Mark’s face, smiling.  The sound of the gun going off.  Freeze on Mark.  Credits roll over his sunshine smile.  

Iconic, ambiguous, 70’s hack-auteur filmmaking at its finest. But I digress.

Two players nailed it last week, linking three trilogies with actors who were in each trilogy. Here are the perfect links:

Zach came up with:

Ted Raimi was in all three entries of the Evil Dead trilogy, as was Bruce Campbell who had a cameo in every entry of the Spiderman trilogy with Ted Raimi (he played J. Jonah Jameson’s assistant Hoffman), and Ted was in the Darkman trilogy (DarkmanDarkman 2: The Return of Durant and Darkman 3: Die Darkman Die). (That’s three trilogies, but if I need to end on an actor, Bruce Campbell had a cameo in Darkman).

But new player Phil took the cake:

Hugo Weaving is in every Matrix, Transformers and Lord of the Rings movies.

For their efforts, Zach and Phil are awarded 3 points.

Bonus points were given this week as well.  Mags almost got one, but I couldn’t give her credit for Bill and Ted 3 (they’ve been talking about that for years it seems).

Tom gets a point for sheer volume.  I call his entry the “Jack Kerouac stream of consciousness” manifesto.  Some darn good stuff – but too long to paste here (we have a word limit).

And Daniel, our leader going in, gets a point for nailing my French Director reference (and therefore, kissing my ass, playing up to one of my favorites):

Jean-Pierre Léaud was in the Doinel trilogy (400 BlowsStolen Kisses, and Bed and Board … let’s ignore the best bits compilation that was Love On The Run)

So, here’s where we stand with the leaderboard today:

Daniel 5, Zach 5, Phil 3. Mags 2, DudeFozz 1, Tom 1

Two weeks left.  On to this week’s challenge.  The East Coast of the US was preoccupied with a hurricane this week.  It was all you could hear about, probably because it was coming through New York City, you know, the center of the universe.

Anyways, I wasn’t sure if I would get this posted on time as I was running around all day and still not sure how my house is doing (I was away on vacation for the weekend).  I only tell you this, because I want you to link disasters together.  And length matters this week (Editor’s Note: That’s what she said! –sorry!).  Give me volcanoes and tornadoes and tsunamis.  War, pestilence, famine.  Whatever you got.  We Americans can take it and we’ll give it back to you.

Screw you impending ice age!

Sorry, I was stuck in a Roland Emmerich movie for a second.  You get it.  Link these disasters through the actors that starred in them.

Bring it on.  Happy linking.  As always, email your links to

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Six Degrees Summer Movie Tourney – Three for the Road

Oh! Heavenly Dogby Dave Umbricht

That’s right gang, only three weeks left until our champion is crowned.  To entice you a bit more, I got my hands on the prize you’re all playing for, and it’s a good one.  So, let’s make this quick, because this week is going to be a tough one.  Double points are at stake and creativity truly matters.  But first, last week’s winner.  Things on the leaderboard have tightened up now that Mags has pulled off another victory:

Benji was in Oh! Heavenly Dog with Omar Sharif, who was in Ashanti with Michael Caine, who was in The Muppet Christmas Carol with Kermit, who was in The Great Muppet Caper with Charles Grodin, who was in Midnight Run with Robert de Niro, who was in Heat with Al Pacino…

She almost lost points for mentioning Righteous Kill in her email, but Omar Sharif wins it for her (the man was in Oh! Heavenly Dog and Lawrence of Arabia and is a master of Bridge — does anyone really know how to play that game?).

On a side note, can someone please explain the exclamation point in the title of Oh! Heavenly Dog.  If it was Oh Heavenly Dog I would read it as “Oh you rascally little dog”, which is an apt description of the movie.  Oh! Heavenly Dog says either “Holy Hell! Watch out for God’s guard dog” or an “I should have had a V8″ slap to the forehead moment, “Oh! now I get it, this title is a play on words because the dog is both a reincarnation and here to save our day.”  I wish it had been the second reading, I would have loved to see Benji stretch himself a bit and play a bad ass raining heavenly vengeance upon the wicked (think Jules from Pulp Fiction).

But I digress.

Leader Board:  Daniel 4, Zach 2, Mags 2, DudeFozz 1

Remember folks, this is worth two points.  Scratch that, this is worth three.  Why three?  Because today we play with trilogies.  Please link three trilogies together (and they better be good ones).  For example:  Harrison Ford was in the Star Wars Trilogy with Mark Hamill who was in the Corvette Summer Trilogy (Corvette Summer, Corvette Autumn, and Corvette Winter — I always expected Corvette Spring to be released, but Corvette Winter had such a brutally ambiguous ending that I think a fourth film would have cheapened that iconic final image) with Annie Potts, who was in the Ghostbusters Trilogy (Ghostbusters 3 is coming out, right?)

You get the idea.  Now let me caution you.  The stakes are getting high here.  If you mail this one in, I deduct points.  If you deem this too difficult and don’t submit an answer, you lose points (and Benji the Dog will show up at your doorstep — you can guess if it will be Oh Benji or Oh! Benji).

If you use Ian McKellan you will be mocked.  If you use Harrison Ford, well don’t.  And stylistic trilogies – depends.  The quizmaster has biases.  “The Man with No Name” Trilogy – too easy and completely overrated (Ignores High Plains Drifter, for one — even if Sergio Leone didn’t direct it).  If you used Bergman’s “God is Silent” Trilogy, perhaps.  Then there are the trilogies where there is a fourth movie that cheapens the first three.  There is one I am thinking of specifically.  It was made by one of the great French New Wave Directors.  If you use that one, you may win hands down.

Like I said, play to my fetishes.  Which of course you should know by now, I have one main fetish – creativity (and the use of dashes).  Be creative.  Have fun.  Happy linking.

As always, email me your entries at

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Six Degrees Summer Tourney Week 8

by Dave Umbricht

Four more tries gang (including today)!  Does this mean you are out of it?  Absolutely not.  Even if you have never played this summer, there is still time.  You see, 4 x 1pt for each win would mean you could have a maximum score of 4 going forward.  And you are saying to yourself, “well, someone already has 4 pts, so the best I can do is tie.  The odds are against me.”

Oh, ye of little faith.  Have you not learned anything about the quizmaster?  He does not play fairly.  He awards points on a whim.  So remember, 4 may not be the magic number – there may be more points awarded over the coming weeks.

But you need to earn them.

For those of you keeping score at home, you may be thinking, “no one has 4 on the leaderboard.”  Unfortunately for you, Daniel has taken another win.  While I should have taken a point away for his use of a TV movie last week, I have some sympathy.  This week, he was the one entrant to take on my Ozu challenge and came up with this:

John Cusack was in Cradle Will Rock with Cary Elwes, who was in Dracula with Tom Waits, who was in Until The End Of The World with Chishû Ryû, who was in Tokyo Story with Sô Yamamura, who is in Gung Ho with Michael Keaton, who hooks up with Joan Cusack in Toy Story 3.

He hit us with Coppola? Wim Wender? Ozu, Pixar and Gung Ho????  Gedde Watanabe must be rolling in his grave (oh wait, Long Duk Dong is still alive.  Hold on a sec, his real name is Gary?  And he’s American?  He grew up in Chinatown in SF, but he’s of Japanese descent and played a Korean guy in Sixteen Candles – oh Hollywood and your crazy ethnic stereotypes!)

Well played Daniel.


Daniel 4

Zach 2

DudeFozz 1

Mags 1

Suckas 0

Bring it people.

We’re getting into the Dog Days of Summer, so take us from Benji the Dog to Al Pacino.  Feel free to use Kermit the Frog as a go between.

Happy linking.  As always, email your entries to me at

(Quick programming note: I teased an awesome discussion of Ozu last week.  It’s coming this Friday.  Tune in for a discussion of Tokyo Story, Blazing Saddles, and a blasphemous version of Chinatown.)




Al Pacino

Al Pacino

 The Go Between

Kermit the Frog

Kermit the Frog


Six Degrees Summer Tournament – Week 7

This past week I was going to be sweet.  I was going to give all of you a little insight into how I would score the William Katt link.  I was going to tell you that using the Roland Emmerich “Godzilla” would not be looked upon kindly.  But alas, I didn’t, so one poor soul did use it.  However, two other entries used what I will call “TV” movies.  So, it is with profound trepidation that I must announce that Mags is on the board:

Godzilla played himself in the godawful Roland Emmerich film of the same name (seriously, my least favourite film EVER) alongside Matthew Broderick (who really should have known better), who was in Family Business with Sean Connery, who was in You Only Live Twice with Donald Pleasance playing Blofeld,  who was of course in Halloween with PJ Soles who was in Carrie with the awesomely curly haired William Katt.

To Mags’s credit, she agreed that Godzilla was an awful movie.

Congrats Mags.  Leaderboard is now Daniel 3, Zach 2, DudeFozz 1, Mags 1.  You know the rest.

This week take me from John Cusack to Joan Cusack.  However, do not link them through a movie that they starred in together.  Feel free to link them through an Ozu movie (since we’ll be discussing Tokyo Story later this week).

As always send your links to  Happy linking.

John Cusack

John Cusack


Joan Cusack

Joan Cusack



Six Degrees Summer Tournament – Week 6

by Dave Umbricht

Interesting week, folks.

First, the trash talk of Mags and Daniel spilled over to Twitter.  Then, they each threw some tough punches at the game (and at each other).  And for part of the week, it looked like Mags would finally make it onto the leaderboard.

But then, as they were rolling around in the mud, Zach entered the fray.  He claimed his first week victory was beginner’s luck.  Now he’s rendered me speechless. I leave it to Zach’s own words to tell us what he’s got:

“Keanu Reeves was in

Tune in Tomorrow

with the late (great?) Richard B. Shull who was in


with Candy Darling (credited only as “Discotheque Patron”)

she was also in Amour, an Andy Warhol film featuring

German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld who did voice work for

Totally Spies: Le Film, the made for tv movie of a popular french cartoon (same name in North America) that also had a brief theatrical run

Jean-Claude Donda played the role of Jerry, leader of an international spy organization. He also did voice work as the main character of last year’s gorgeous Sylvain Chomet film….

The Illusionist

where the main character (a cartoon) wanders into a movie theatre and catches a live action Jacques Tati on screen in a clip from Mon Oncle

Warhol?  Tati on-screen in an animated movie based upon Tati?  Too good!

So, our leader board is now Daniel 3, Zach 2, DudeFozz 1. 

The Rest of You Suckas?  Still waiting.

This week we interrupt this program for a bit of shameless promotion.  Take us from two Forgotten Flix moments of the past week.  Take us from Godzilla (star of this week’s Two Friends Talkin’ Movies) to William Katt (inspiration for this week’s podcast).

There you have it.  As always, send your links to me at  Happy linking and see you next week.




William Katt

William Katt



Six Degrees Summer Tourney Week #5

by Dave Umbricht

This week was a little light on entries, in fact we just had two.  But the two that entered seem to have a little rivalry going.  Mags vs. Daniel.  As Mags said, “I can’t lose to Daniel, we went to University together.”  While the committee would love to help Mags out, she needs to earn it.  And unfortunately, for her, Daniel extended his streak to three weeks in a row.  Daniel went literary on us:

Sam Kinison is in Back to School with a playing-himself Kurt Vonnegut, who is in Breakfast of Champions with Will Patton, who is in Cold Heaven with Mark Harmon.

Well played Daniel.  Leaderboard is Daniel 3, DudeFozz 1, Zach 1,  Everyone else needs to catch up.

And there is plenty of time to catch up.  The game continues through the first weekend of September.

For this week, the quizmaster has decided to ignore his audience and be a bit self indulgent.  So take us from Keanu Reeves (because yesterday my wife watched Point Break for the first time ever) to Jacques Tati (because every summer my kids and I watch Mr. Hulot’s Holiday).  I expect contestants to use IMDB this week – this one is near impossible.  But I don’t care.  This shows me who really wants it.

As always, send your links to me via email at  Trust me, the prize at the end of the tourney will be worth it.

Happy linking.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves


Jacques Tati

Jacques Tati


Six Degrees Summer Tourney Week #4

by Dave Umbricht

Now that’s more like it.  After getting beat down by y’all, the quizmaster came back and decided to be mean.  Sure it was Ingmar Bergman’s birthday last week, but it still wasn’t nice to make you link Ice Cube and Vin Diesel to him.  But one intrepid soul actually did, giving us our first repeat winner.  Here’s what Daniel had to say:

Ice Cube is in Friday with Bernie Mac. Bernie Mac is in Ocean’s Eleven with Elliot Gould. Elliot Gould is in Ingmar Bergman’s The Touch with Max von Sydow. Von Sydow is in Awakenings with an uncredited Vin Diesel.

Bish bash bosh.

Well played Daniel!

As anyone can see, using the XXX movies just wasn’t going to cut it last week.  The leader board as of today:

Daniel            2

Zach               1

DudeFozz     1

The Rest       0

Plenty of time to catch up gang.

This week, I encourage you to take me back to school.  Back to Summer School, to be exact.

So, take us from Sam Kinison to Mark Harmon.

Remember, e-mail your entries to me at  Until next week, happy linking.

Sam Kinison

Sam Kinison


Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon


Six Degrees Summer Tourney Week 3

by Dave Umbricht

So a funny thing happened on the way to the promised land, the quizmaster got smacked down.  Many great entries this week, but there was one that won it quite easily.  Actually it was two.  So yes, a tie.

So as Daniel said:

Alan Alda was in Everyone Says I Love You with Drew Barrymore, who was in Everyone Says I Love you with Alan Alda, who was in Everyone Says I Love You with Drew Barrymore.
How’s that?

and DudeFozz followed up with:

Alan Alda was in Everyone Says I Love You with Drew Barrymore!

One move Boom!

So there we have it.  The leader board is all tied up:  Zach 1, Daniel 1, DudeFozz 1, Everyone else 0.

Keep up the good work.  In honor of the beat down,let’s go from one bad ass to a supposed bad ass.

Ice Cube to Vin Diesel.  Special bonus points if you could link them using an Ingmar Bergman film.  Take that!

Ice Cube

Ice Cube


Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel

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Six Degrees Summer Tourney – Week 2

by Dave Umbricht

We live in a world where everyone is given a gold star, a trophy, or just a “good job little buddy, thanks for playing.”  Participation is good, and this week we had four brave souls enter the game.  However, in this little world of Forgotten Flix, there are winners and there are losers.

And so week one’s win goes to:  ZACH.  Here’s Zach’s winning entry (he claims he never did this before):

“Rodney Dangerfield was in


with Christina Ricci, who was in

After Life (I hope I don’t lose points for quality here)

with Liam Neeson. Now I think this is pretty creative: Neeson was in

Dark Man

which featured which actor as a disguised Dark Man in the final scene?

Bruce Campbell.”

Good job Zach!

So for those of you scoring at home, it is Zach 1, everyone else 0.  Which means two things:

1) Zach has the early lead (beginner’s luck or destiny) and

2) the rest of you have room to make up, but aren’t too far behind.

And for those wondering what made Zach’s entry a winner?  This week’s judge swooned over the Dark Man link.  Who knows what will push next week’s judge’s buttons.

So onto this week:

Independence Day here in the U.S.

Take us from Alan Alda (because of his horrible 1986 flick, Sweet Liberty – I thought I was the coolest 14 year old seeing something so mature, because as we know Alan Alda = adult) to Drew Barrymore (because she received her independence from her parents in “Irreconcilable Differences”).

Happy hunting, email your links to me at

Alan Alda

Alan Alda


Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore

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Six Degrees Summer Tourney Week 1

So let’s try this gang.

A couple of people have emailed me, expressing their interest to enter.  I encourage all of you to do so.  Fun, fabulous prizes at the end of the summer.

The rules are simple, email me ( with your links between the two actors or actresses listed.  Points will be given for brevity or for creativity or for however the committee feels they should score it.

All entries will be anonymously submitted to the judges, so don’t think there will be any bias (unless of course you pander to some of Joel’s movie fetishes).  Judges may rotate from week to week, so don’t try and game it by sucking up to anyone.

So without further adieu, let’s get it going:

Today we start with some truly Forgotten Flix faves:

Bruce Campbell to Rodney Dangerfield

Why these guys?  Because, really, has either one ever gotten the respect they deserve?

Email those entries to or post below if you just want to play along and not join this free contest.

The leaderboard will be divulged in next week’s post — so you have until next Thursday to submit.

Happy Linking.

Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell


Rodney Dangerfield

Rodney Dangerfield

Dave Umbricht loves his family, movies and the NBA (in that order). His unexplainable, genetic attraction to movies flourished in the early ’80s thanks to Siskel and Ebert. It’s also believed Dave was the only 8-year-old to know of My Dinner with Andre, even though he didn’t see it until he was 28. In the ’90s he wrote three awful screenplays, including next summer’s Cowboys and Aliens (or at least a script with the same title). He still can’t dunk a basketball.

Check out his blog here.

Or follow him on Twitter here (@dumbricht).


Six Degrees – Memorial Day

by Dave Umbricht

Today is Memorial Day in the US.  So let’s take a moment to reflect and remember all the brave people who have given their lives to protect us.

Take us from Adrien Brody (who starred in The Thin Red Line, a movie that tried to show the inner struggles of soldiers) to Richard Farnsworth (star of The Straight Story, which includes a powerfully authentic scene of war remembrance).

Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody


Richard Farnsworth

Richard Farnsworth


Make the Movie Connection in Six Degrees (or less): “It’s Faaaaaaaantastic”

by Dave Umbricht

Gauntlets are being thrown down out there.

And by gauntlets I mean Mags finishing her link with Frank Oz as Animal’s keeper.  Keep warming up everyone.  This is still the preseason.  In a few weeks we will begin the first Six Degrees Tournament.

More details to come, but first . . .

If you read my bio below you will see that while I am in love with the movies, I also am a complete basketball nerd.  So, finding myself knee deep in the NBA playoffs, let’s go with a little pro basketball theme.

Take us from Michael Jordan to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Bonus points for linking them through Dr. J (using the Fish that Saved Pittsburgh, not Philadelphia).  Double bonus points for using Alex English (and the movie Amazing Grace and Chuck).  Triple bonus points for only using NBA players.

Let’s see what you got!

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Extra Credit

Alex English

Alex English

Dave Umbricht loves his family, movies and the NBA (in that order). His unexplainable, genetic attraction to movies flourished in the early ’80s thanks to Siskel and Ebert. It’s also believed Dave was the only 8-year-old to know of My Dinner with Andre, even though he didn’t see it until he was 28. In the ’90s he wrote three awful screenplays, including next summer’s Cowboys and Aliens (or at least a script with the same title). He still can’t dunk a basketball.

Check out his blog here.

Or follow him on Twitter here (@dumbricht).



Six Degrees Movie Game: Psychos!

by Dave Umbricht

You know who’s awesome? Dave B., that’s who.

Who is Dave B.?  The guy who made some fantastic links in some of the previous comment sections – I urge you to check them out.  But do not be intimidated.  Just keep playing and posting.

So for this week, let’s talk about PSYCHOs!

Psycho Killer/ Qu’est-ce que c’est / fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far better / Run run run run run run run away

We will leave Anthony Perkins out of this, and focus on some really crazy characters.  In fact, let’s forgo linking actors today, and link characters.  So let’s go from:

Jason Voorhees to Animal

For bonus points (and a pat on the back) link them through David Byrne.

As always, post your links in the comment section.  The committee’s favorites get a high five and a shout out.

Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives - 1986

Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives - 1986




Extra Credit

David Byrne

David Byrne

Dave Umbricht loves his family, movies and the NBA (in that order). His unexplainable, genetic attraction to movies flourished in the early ’80s thanks to Siskel and Ebert. It’s also believed Dave was the only 8-year-old to know of My Dinner with Andre, even though he didn’t see it until he was 28. In the ’90s he wrote three awful screenplays, including next summer’s Cowboys and Aliens (or at least a script with the same title). He still can’t dunk a basketball.

Check out his blog here.

Or follow him on Twitter here (@dumbricht).


Six Degrees Movie Game #8: The Remake Always Rings Twice

by Dave Umbricht

I’ve been thinking about Jessica Lange.

She may be the remake queen.  She played Fay Wray’s part in the 70’s version of King Kong, was in Cape Fear and did TV movies of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Streetcar Named Desire, Sybil, and Grey Gardens.

So in honor of this, let’s use one more remake she made and go from when the Postman rang once with John Garfield (an actor you should seek out if you don’t know him) to when Jessica made him ring a second time with Jack Nicholson.

I look forward to seeing your trails in the comment section below.

Jessica Lange

Jessica Lange


John Garfield

John Garfield


Six Degrees Movie Game #7: The Royals

My daughter was pretty excited to know that there is a new princess in the world.  She was slightly disappointed to find out that she does not burst into song or have little animal friends.

Evil rival is still TBD, we’ll have to see who Harry marries.

In honor of the wedding, let’s link two people with royal lineage.  Please take us from Grace Kelly (Princess Grace of Monaco) to Prince (musical royalty of Minnesota).  Bonus points for using John Goodman (King Ralph).

As always, add your answers to the comment section below.

Grace Kelly





Extra Credit


Six Degrees Movie Game #6

by Dave Umbricht

No reference to last week’s game.  Why?  Have your answers disappointed the Quizmaster to the point that he has gone insane and is plotting some ridiculous horror movie revenge plot?


But, I’m not really sure who this Quizmaster is and why he thinks his name should be written as one word.  I’m just on vacation, so I wrote this last week.

But in honor of the ingenious Quizmaster’s (Quiz Master’s) crafty plot, let’s go with some guys that really knew how to orchestrate twists and turns.  Take us from Alfred Hitchcock to Sydney Pollack, two directors who sometimes stepped in front of the camera.


Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock


Sydney Pollack

Sydney Pollack