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Thanks for the magic, Mr. Harryhausen

Tweet by Peter Nielsen I seem to remember that the first glimpse I got into the world of Ray Harryhausen was a short scene from The Beast From 20.000 Fathoms (1953). It was the scene where the rhedosaurus grabs and eats the policeman… I was just a little kid and that both scared and fascinated me at the same time.…


Do You Remember…? The Sleeping Car (1990)

Tweet by Joel G. Robertson Take a stroll down the Armchair Theatre video store’s center aisle. You know the one. It’s where you went when mom or dad or whoever lugged you to the strip mall on a Saturday afternoon turned their back. These are the titles you wanted to see, but never did. Or maybe you did and forgot…


A Fan’s Tribute to The Incredibly Strange and Wonderful Ray Dennis Steckler

Tweet by Terry East (follow him on twitter @mutebullhorn) I received an e-mail from a friend that definitely caught me by surprise.  It was news forwarded to him about the passing of Ray Dennis Steckler.  Since his death, I have been watching and not-so-patiently waiting for a mainstream tribute to the director.  Variety was the closest but also the shortest…


It Came From the ’80s: Midnight Movie Memories, Or Why Caligula Makes For an Awkward First Date!

Tweet by Sheri White I have a first-date story that can top many others’ first-date stories.  I saw what was essentially a porn film with a guy named Mark.  I did not do this on purpose; however, I don’t know if Mark knew what the film was about. Really, for all my partying and semi-wild ways as a teen, I…


Forgotten Flix Recommends… 3 Films Starring Jill Schoelen

Tweet by Joel G. Robertson UPDATE: A special thanks to Jill Schoelen herself for permitting me to post this retrospective to her Facebook wall! ————————————————————————————- It’s seventeen days and counting until the official launch of Forgotten Flix and we’re going to keep plugging right along with another installment of “Forgotten Flix Recommends.” Today, Forgotten Flix recommends 3 movies starring actress…